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3. 31. 2015
When Dogs Fly by Editor
2. 12. 2015
Watch as this snowskater out runs an avalanche by Editor
Pow-Snowskater Out Runs Avalanche from Sk8parkmark on Vimeo. 2. 6. 2015
Climbing Frozen Niagra Falls by Editor
1. 30. 2015
No music; just the sounds of mountain bike riding! by Editor
Wetness from The Coastal Crew on Vimeo. 11. 24. 2014
Pinnacle Tracking follows adventurers to the ends of the earth! by Editor
Pinnacle Tracking follows adventurers to the ends of the earth!     November ... 10. 14. 2014
USARA National Championship Splits Posted
Want to view a team's tracks through the course? Click here, choose your team, then click History. Want to see how much time it took to travel through the course to their checkpoints? Click here to compare splits for all teams. 9. 12. 2014
11-year-old Marathoner Sets World Record Running the World for Children
11-year-old Marathoner Sets World Record Running the World for Children September 9, 2014 | West Chester, PA On Sunday, September 7th, Nikolas Toocheck became the youngest person in the world, (according to available records) to complete a marathon on a... 8. 25. 2014
11-Year-Old Marathoner to Set World Record as He Runs for Charity by Clay Abney
Youngest Person to Complete Marathon on All Seven Continents     August 22, 2014 | West Chester, PA   At nine years old, Nikolas Toocheck began a philanthropic journey, which he called Running the World for Children. The idea:... 8. 1. 2014
Check out these ice caves near Juneau, Alaska. Stunning footage!!! by Editor
7. 25. 2014
Kayaking with Whales by Editor
7. 18. 2014
Experience a biker's view of the Tour de France by Editor
6. 27. 2014
So Many Beautiful Places to See!! by Editor
6. 17. 2014
Explore New Zealand on Bikes by Editor
5. 31. 2014
Incredible footage of Hanli Prinsloo as she freedives with sharks by Editor
5. 16. 2014
This video just makes you want to get out and go explore! by Editor
4. 25. 2014
Diving The Wall, in Puerto Rico by Editor
4. 11. 2014
Hiking Spain's Most Dangerous Trail by Editor
3. 28. 2014
Speed Flying in the Alps by Editor
3. 14. 2014
Chile's Extreme Urban Mountain Bike Race by Editor
1. 31. 2014
Rafting the Grand Canyon by Editor
12. 27. 2013
Paddleboard Surfing the Amazon River by Editor
11. 29. 2013
Acrobatic Skydiving Over the Alps by Editor
10. 25. 2013
Ultra Running in Zion National Park by Editor
10. 11. 2013
TECNU Wins USARA National Championship and 2 out of 3 race awards by USARA
Tecnu Adventure Racing dominated this years USARA Adventure Race National Championship. Tecnu won the National Championship as well as the "O Team" for the fastest orienteering section and the "Blazing Paddles "for the fastest paddle section. Tecnu proved... 9. 27. 2013
Bike Racing Through The Mountain by Editor
8. 31. 2013
Traveling Indonesia By Bike by Editor
7. 26. 2013
Mountain Biking the Great Himalaya Trail by Editor
6. 21. 2013
People Are Awesome- Best of Sport by Editor
We are loving this compilation of some of our and your favorite outdoor adventure sports moments! Take a look. 6. 17. 2013
World's Best Female Free Climber by Editor
This girls has some crazy amazing skills. At only 19 (wow!) she has become the worlds best female free climber. She also was the youngest to complete the most difficult route achieved by a woman ever- a 5.14d grade climb! Did we already mention that she i... 6. 14. 2013
Off-Road Biking World Champion by Editor
This is some awesome footage of the shocking new World Championship that rode in and surprised everyone with his amazing skills. The kicker? This kid is only 19! 6. 10. 2013
Swatch Girls Pro France 2013 by Editor
Checkout this promo trailer for the 2013 Swatch Girls Pro surf event coming up! We love the outdoors/adventure sport of surfing- and these girls catch some awesome waves in this teaser. 6. 7. 2013
Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013 by Editor
Checkout this feature from the 2013 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. They show the height of the platform from the perspective of the diver and it is crazy high! Definitely a sport that takes a lot of physical but definitely also mental toughness. 6. 4. 2013
Hercules Mountain Bike Trailer by Editor
What are you doing with your summertime weather? Here's some inspiration to get out there and pound the pavement (on your bike that is) and enjoy great activity weather! 5. 31. 2013
Waimea Cliff Jump by Editor
These people are really into their creative cliff jumping- wearing everything from capes, to button up and tie, to balloons (ha!), and more, this video is pretty funny. And on a Friday, who doesn't want to be thinking about playing in the water over the w... 5. 29. 2013
Red Bull Wings by Editor
No matter who you are, let's get out there today and fly in our sport! 5. 22. 2013
Elited Mixed Ice Climbing by Editor
This short features clips from the final part of a mixed ice course at the 2013 Ouray Ice Festival. Those little picks they have to use to climb make using your whole hand in bouldering a cinch! Elite Mixed Ice Climbing - 2013 Ouray Ice Festival from O... 5. 20. 2013
MTB Spiti Race by Editor
Take a lookout at the new highest Mountain Bike Race in the world! It's on the 'Spiti' trail, which was part of the ancient silk route between China and India. The views from this preview are beautiful and almost like riding back in time. 5. 15. 2013
Patagonian International Marathon by Editor
Alright all you runners out there- this ones for you! This marathon, in its second year now, has now added a 63k ultra distance and for every entry, a tree is donated to the Reforest Patagonia project. How is that for going above and beyond! Our favorite ... 5. 13. 2013
Down the Line by Editor
This trailer for Down the Line features a new sport- Canyoneering. It features canyons in Vancouver that have never been explored, and the beauty of Mother Nature awaits them at the bottom in some ways She has never been seen before! Down The Line - Tr... 5. 10. 2013
Sky Time Lapse by Editor
Check out this BEAUTIFUL time lapse- complete with storms and gorgeous cloud cover and sunsets. Let get out there and be active in this summer weather guys! 5. 6. 2013
The Sky is the Limit by Editor
Take a quick trip through the Panarotta Alps in Italy with this great paragliding footage. 5. 3. 2013
Monkey Man by Editor
We are pretty impressed! Check out this 'monkey man' climbing some crazy spots and at high speed. 5. 1. 2013
50 Years of ECCO Shoes! by Editor
ECCO shoes, the Scandinavian heritage footwear brand, employs 20,000 people and is located in 94 markets around the world. The beautifully rich leathers and Scandinavian-influenced styles have been an evolving mainstay in the brown shoe world and here in ... 4. 29. 2013
The Barrel 2013 by Editor
This featured surf teaser is from a video created by iON Worldwide and Carlton Dry. It was a year long project looking at the passion of different surfers in their fun and adventurous search of barrel waves. Check it out! 4. 26. 2013
The Ascent of Alex Honnold by Editor
We found this feature from the show 60 minutes by CBS. It is the story and Alex Honnold's personal climbing journey, and gives some great light to the sport of climbing! 4. 24. 2013
Welcome to Earth by Editor
I honor of Earth Day this past Monday, here is an amazing time lapse video with footage of some of the most beautiful sights on our planet. 4. 22. 2013
Red Bull- Top 10 Crashes by Editor
This compilation of crashes was put together by Red Bull from their 'Flugtag' 2013 event. And you it has to be interesting when there's Red Bull involved! 4. 17. 2013
A Severe Case of Adventuritis by Editor
A Severe Case of Adventuritis by Henry Gold updated August 22, 2012 By Michael Coo Tour d’Afrique is unlike any other company in the world. I don’t mean this because we are the only company that crosses Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and S...

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